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September 15, 2023
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About us

There were many wounded and disabled people in Artsakh as a result of the Artsakh war. Despite the extreme necessity, no rehabilitation center existed that would provide proper treatment for people with limited abilities.

Our mission is to provide rehabilitation treatment to people with disabilities and to integrate them into society as well as to contribute to their  independence.The Rehabilitation Center gives great importance to organizing various events for people with mental and physical problems by aiming to strengthen their relationships with peers as well as within the community and with the  purpose to adapt them to social environment and improve the qualty of life.We work hard to develop adaptive sports in Artsakh. The involvement of people with disabilities in sport life has its unique place here. Young people with disabilities who receive treatment in the Rehabilitation Center are involved in various kinds of sport and actively participate in sports events organized in Armenia and in the Republic of Artsakh.



Vardan Tadevosyan

Founder Director / 1998թ.

Gohar Khachatryan

Doctor-rehabilitator / 2008թ.

Karine Tsatryan

Senior therapist / 1999թ.