There is an educational department at The Caroline Cox Rehabilitation Centre. It is designed to train rehabilitation therapists who after a year of intensive training start working at the Rehabilitation Centre as a rehabilitation therapist. To be eligible for the training the applicant must have a medical education, pass the entrance exams, and be interviewed.

The one year professional training includes three main sections:

Human Anatomy

Physical assessment of the patient

Treatment of the patient

During the study, students take more than thirty exams, including practical and written tests from each section.

Since October, 2014 The Rehabilitation Centre operates trainings to prepare rehabilitation therapists. Currently, nine out of twelve students are trained and after graduation they will work in the hospitals of Hadrut, Martakert, and Martuni regions as well as in the capital city of Stepanakert, Artsakh Republic. This will increase the quality of patients’ treatment as well as will reduce the number of patients being queued up for the Rehabilitation Centre.

Continuous education

The Rehabilitation Center attaches great importance to the continuous education of professionals. It is done for employees’ professional development and improvement. For this purpose, the Rehabilitation Centre cooperates with the “Children’s Rehabilitation Center” and “ArBeS” Health Care Center where our specialists participate in the organized courses, conferences and seminars.

Also, specialists from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Australia and Switzerland have been lecturing and exchanging experience with our employees.

The Rehabilitation Centre is currently conducting an educational partnership with the The French National Council of Physiotherapists.