This year, under the sponsorship of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre received professional property as a donation from QaylTech CJSC. The Centre, in turn, donated one of the walking equipment it received to Martakert Medical Center for treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries. It should be noted that Narine Movsisyan, a physiotherapist trained at the Rehabilitation Centre, works at Martakert Medical Center and provides her services to the citizens of Martakert region. And the other one was donated to Armen Avetisyan, a participant in the First Artsakh War, living in the village of Berdashen, Martuni region. He is diagnosed with a spinal cord injury and will now continue the necessary rehabilitation treatment at home. It should be noted that the device is intended for performing complex rehabilitation exercises in a vertical position. By moving the upper limbs, the patient simultaneously moves the immobile lower limbs. Contributing to the strengthening of the bones of the lower limbs, it prevents the expulsion of calcium, the loss of bone mass. It also prevents the shortening of the muscles of the lower limbs and has a beneficial effect on the work of the hip joint. We would like to once again thank the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative for being next to Artsakh and supporting us.