Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas

The year 2022 is approaching. A year has passed since the people of Artsakh unitedly have been trying to rise again and to live for the sake of Artsakh’s existence and for the sake of truth and freedom.

  Closing our one-year history book we can confidently say yes, we have proved again that we’re strong.

  We were able to endure the struggles we faced and today, living face to face with the enemy, we continue to believe in patriotism and faith.

The Caroline Cox Rehabilitation Centre sums up 2021 noting that it was a difficult and responsible period for the centre. This year, the centre has provided services to hundreds of people including those injured in the recent war. The year was important for the centre because along with the construction reforms we were able to create all possible means to organize the treatment of our beneficiaries in fully organized comfortable conditions.

On behalf of the center’s staff and patients we would like to thank our supporters and wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas.

 We wish you a year full of peace, health and achievements.