Home Visit Department

One of the regular visits of the nurse from the Home Visit Department of the Rehabilitation Centre to our beneficiaries of Askeran region.

  The Home Visit Department serves people with severe disabilities to provide appropriate home care assistance. Home visits are organized for retirees, people with severe disabilities and people with mobility problems. The purpose of the visit is to provide care items, diapers, wound healing, catheterization, helping with bowel and bladder problems, as well as training the beneficiary and their family members.This time we visited Artak with a spinal cord injury, Harut and Srbuhi diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, retirees Lusik and Raya, as well as Aslanik, a resident of Taghaser village, Hadrut region, who has relocated to Aygestan village, Askeran region to be under his daughter’s care.

     The Rehabilitation Centre’s Home Visit Department staff does its best to increase the number of home visit beneficiaries to be able to help more and more people.