Home visit

Among the beneficiaries of the Caroline Cox Rehabilitation Centre are Arno Baghryan and Lernik Altunyan who have a diagnosis of spinal cord injury and lower paraplegia. They are from Hadrut region, village of Mets Tagher and Ukhtadzor. After the last Artsakh war they lost their homes which was adapted accordingly to live an independent life there. To this day, both Arno, his wife and their four children, and Lernik, disabled at the age of 13, with his parents live at the N17 special school in Yerevan. They are hopeful the Government of the Artsakh Republic will provide them with comfortable conditions to be able to return to Artsakh.

Vardan Tadevosyan, the director of the Rehabilitation Centre, regularly visits them and provides with the necessary medical supplies within the framework of the Home Visit department.

The Centre would like to express its special gratitude to Vika Yesayan, the principal of N17 special school, who provided a space in their building for people with disabilities evacuated from Artsakh to live there.